WoofnDoodle is a lighthearted expression of my love for Doodle dogs inspired by my two Cockapoos; Peaches and Waffle.

Cockapoo Chronicles Launch

Welcome to the world of Cockapoo ownership! From playful antics to heart-melting moments, document every wag of the tail and paw print along the way. With space for reflections and memorable photos, this journal is the perfect keepsake for every Cockapoo parent seeking to capture the magic of their furry friend's journey. Get ready to unleash the love and laughter of life with your Cockapoo! Have you ever pondered what your Cockapoo would say to you if they could talk? Thoughtful and lighthearted prompts encourage you to fondly record each precious stage; from writing a puppy promise letter, imagining their superhero alias, to documenting crimes against laundry. Do you prefer date night with your pampered pooch snuggled up on the sofa? Does your Cockapoo have aspirations to head up the Neighbourhood Squirrel Patrol or become Su-paw Spy Double-o-Woof?

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I create real world acrylic paintings, AI assisted musings and digital art.