Recommended Enrichment and Treat Toys: Stuffables

Many of you may have heard about Kongs at puppy class. They are a great way of enriching your dog's experiences or distracting them when needed. Like many of you I started with the cute little puppy-sized Kong and the accompanying puppy mouse to squirt inside.

This was only the beginning! One source of inspiration was a blog post on AniEd's (Animal Education) site on the topic of #100daysofenrichment. You can read it here Day 1: Stuffables | AniEd Ireland. It gives an overview of purposes, different types and recipe combinations. What I found really interesting was the idea of layering different ingredients rather than just one. It is well worth reading. There are so many possibilities! 

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I often use this one with dry kibble just to make them work a bit harder for breakfast. 

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